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Due to the geopolitical situation, we are currently witnessing an increase in the cost of energy, fuel and especially steel prices.
In recent weeks, the price of steel has almost doubled again...
Up to now we have always been willing to maintain our prices.
Now we can no longer absorb the current price and cost increases on our own.
Therefore, we are forced to respond to this situation by applying a temporary surcharge on our prices in order to continue to offer you reliable and quality machines.
We have analyzed the impact of the increase in material prices on our machines and we estimate the additional cost at 7% on the price excluding VAT.

This increase is effective today, 01/04/2022.

We are sure that you will understand our situation.

Combipom 3,5 M

Marque : Maschio et LSM
Type : Combipom: Herse rotative et décompacteur intégré
Etat : Occasion

Prix: 9.800€


Données techniques :


  • Année 2017
  • Herse rotative Maschio DM3500 Combi, dents boulonnées, nouvelles dents longues
  • Décompacteur intégré 4 dents, nouvelles pattes d'oie LSM03 BS35
  • Cardan à friction
  • deux possibilités de largeur pour les dents extérieures: 2,6 m ou 2 m
  • Possibilité d'ajouter un rouleau
  • Différentes combinaisons possibles: idéal avec une planteuse à PDT mais aussi un semoir Gaspardo

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